Collage title: Multiplicity of Women. By: Mehvash DaRon

by: MDaRon

In a card board car, for a razor tongue,
Where has my mind been?
In a system for crystal words; in sunbloom want
For fire love, spreading sound and kindred sky,
In freezing heart;
An army laid on my back yard, sorry for your sin,
I didn’t know your thoughts astray.

Sorry for my birthday.
In circumstances, kill me still. For plastic grins.
Sorry that noone knows that I’m a girl,
That in my home I sigh for red; In my deathbed for santa claws
To comfort you, in sunlit dreams.

Sorry that I wait for dreams to fall out of the sky,
that noone cares for my daydreams.
If this keeps shining, sorry, for my old queens
And all the men that kings let free.


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